Structural Insulated Panels

Located in Palm Springs, California. Let J-Deck Inc. guide you into the Energy Efficient future in construction.

Structural Insulated Panels have become the fastest method towards an energy efficient home and allow for simple customization. In addition, as Building Codes strive for higher efficiency, our SIPs effortlessly exceed new requirements year after year.


More About Our Products

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)

J-Deck Inc. offers you a variety of structured insulated panels, panel fasteners, adhesives, spray foam sealants and tools.

For Contractors

After loading the blueprints to your home in our factory computers, SIPs are manufactured to fit your specifications then cut and delivered right to your project location.

Home Owners

Constructing with J-Deck Inc. panels saves you money in both the construction stage and once the building is complete. We reduce onsite labor time by pre-cutting in our manufacturing plant.

E3 Technology

J-Deck Inc.’s structure cuts down on noise and air leakage creating a quieter environment with less air leaking into or out of a building, lowering energy bills and saving money.

Why Choose J-Deck Inc.?

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) provide the maximum benefits of insulation and structural performance. Whether you are considering new construction or working on renovations, J-Deck Inc. can help. As a leading Southern California SIP manufacturer we supply architects, developers and contractors with the information they need. J-Deck Inc. cooperates with your team to create the greatest work possible. This method is the most simplistic building component for wall and roof construction!

J-Deck Inc. manufactures SIPs under a Quality System Verification program to ensure each panel exceeds national building code approvals. We have completed this by placing our SIPs through rigorous third party testing and laminating the highest quality materials.

PROVIDING energy efficient and cost effective building components

We can supply Architects, Developers, Builders and Contractors our state of the art products and services to accomplish any of their specific projects.