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We pre-cut insulated plywood panels for energy-efficient building in Southern California

Building with structural insulated panels (SIPS) in Bakersfield, California has never been easier or more efficient for contractors and homeowners. We make it easy for you to frame a home or commercial facility. When you build with our insulated plywood panels, you will soon forget the complexities involved with traditional stick-framing.

At first, our panels seem like ordinary compressed plywood, but the outer skins of Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) are sealed with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation with a structural adhesive to create insulated plywood panels. Here are just some of the benefits to working with our insulated plywood panels for any California building project:

  • Our insulated panels are great for exterior walls and roofing applications
  • Our SIPs are custom-cut to the dimensions you need at our California manufacturing plant
  • We deliver straight from our factory to your job site
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Contractors and builders appreciate how our processes make it easier to complete projects faster. Because our SIPs are pre-cut, your crew can get right to work on adhering the pieces together to create an airtight building shell. Another benefit is less construction waste. Traditional stick framing often results in 10 to 30 percent of wasted supplies, but because we pre-cut our insulated wall and roofing panels to exact measurements, the result is less waste at every job with our SIP panels. From start to finish, building with our SIPS Panels saves you time and money on all construction projects throughout Bakersfield, CA.

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How insulated panels create greener buildings

The true magic comes into play in the building’s efficiency against air loss and heat transference through the sun’s UV rays and greenhouse gasses. When a building has a tighter seal, such as is found with the SIPS we supply for California contractors, HVAC systems operate more efficiently for heating and cooling. It also means fewer greenhouse gases are emitted from HVAC units, resulting in a cleaner environment. Since there is a savings benefit to the homebuyers, it’s a great selling feature for your contracting business. Our products are so environmentally-friendly that California contractors who use our insulated panels can actually qualify for Energy Star and LEED certifications for even more benefits.

There has never been a better time to add J-Deck Inc. as a vendor for your contracting business. We look forward to being your SIP supplier. Our experts are available to explain all the partnership benefits that await you as you transition to greener building in Bakersfield, CA. Start today by reaching out to us online or by giving a call at 760-671-4234!