What makes J-Deck Inc. Structural Insulated Panels better for contractors?

  • Faster Construction

Our SIPs come to you ready to assemble. After loading the blueprints of your home in our factory computers, SIPs are manufactured and fabricated to your specifications and delivered right to your project location. With SIPs you’ll complete your homes and commercial buildings faster, allowing an increase in the amount of structures you can build because of the amount of labor time saved. Compared to traditional 2’x 6’ buildings, builders save up to 40% on labor hours because all Structural Insulated panels are prefabricated with our J-Deck Inc. routers. SIPs can have any arched openings or geometric shapes cut in them that give you the control to create standard homes to modern designs.

  • Minimal Construction Waste

When building with stick-framed homes, builders spend 10-30% more money on supplies that translate into wasted products and money. Building with J-Deck Inc. SIPs eliminates that problem by reducing the waste a job site produces since our panels are prefabricated.

The accessories you’ll need to assemble SIPs are also available in custom packages and are all low VOC products. Our SIPs meet both residential and commercial codes of the United States such as IECC and are compliant with Canadian codes.

  • High Quality for the Consumer

Costs are similar to stick homes but SIPs outweigh the latter with long-term home buyer savings and owners can rely on a long life span. Easily build Energy Star rated and LEED Certified homes for additional public appeal and notability. With use of J-Deck Inc. SIPs, your projects will be known for their progression in “green” construction and motivate people to want to purchase for the quality.

Building with J-Deck Inc. SIPs, contractors are also eligible to for tax credits/incentives that can be found by region at

Close-up of three men adding SIP wall panels to home build project
Looking out from the second story at pre-cut insulated panels for windows