Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)?

SIPs are composite material used in the building industry. They are factory assembled by laminating EPS (expanded polystyrene) between two pieces of OSB (oriented strand board) with structural adhesive under pressure. Once the panels are laminated they are fabricated specifically to each project providing all the recesses, window and door openings, etc. The finished SIP package arrive with panel drawings, spray foam and other accessories ready to install. Read More

  1. Can our SIPs be used for new or existing construction?

Yes, J-Deck Inc. Structural Insulated Panels can be used for commercial and residential applications, room additions and retrofitting an existing roof. For residential use, J-Deck Inc. SIPs can be manufacturing for any home plan from traditional to contemporary designs. Our SIPs are a proven performer for commercial structures including office buildings, schools, churches, apartments, strip malls and community buildings. When it comes to retrofitting an existing roof, J-Deck Inc.’s nail base products would be the ideal application for increasing the insulation value and lowering your building’s heat loss. All products result in a structure’s ability to be cost effective, retain optimum strength, ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. Read More

  1. How do J-Deck Inc. SIPs outperform traditional construction?

SIP buildings are vastly more energy efficient, stronger, more quiet and allow less thermal transference than any other building systems; the most common being stick-framing with fiberglass insulation (also be aware that fiberglass is typically used for furnace filters because air can move through it freely). Rigid insulation is used as a solid component insulation in almost every industry for its inherent efficiency and lack of air movement. This attribute with rigid insulation is incorporated right into a SIP building. Less air leakage means fewer drafts, less noise, lower cost in energy bills and a controllable indoor environment. Read More

  1. How can our SIPs save?

Fabricating J-Deck Inc. panels to your approved drawings are completed in our manufacturing plant to reduce jobsite labor because framing, sheathing and insulation are all in one. We reduce space required to handle material and minimizes exposure to weather. Framing crews are more productive and the project is dried-in significantly faster. SIPs slash energy consumption by 35% or more and require smaller HVAC systems. With our prefabricated panels, there is minimal construction waste (which can be up to 7,000 pounds with stick built homes). Any materials that are not used can be then recycled into new foam products. Read More

  1. Why chose J-Deck Inc.?

J-Deck Inc. Has been in business for over 35 years and the company is a leader in the development and manufacturing of Structural Insulated Panels. The idea behind J-Deck Inc. is to build efficient and quickly with the additional benefit of owning the best building envelope the market has to offer. To get started, all we need are a dimensioned drawings. We look forward to working with you on your next residential or commercial project! Read More