Structural Insulated Panel Benefits

What are the benefits of J-Deck Inc. structural insulated roof and wall panels?

J-Deck Inc.’s structural insulated panel system provides commercial and residential builders a cost effective and energy efficient building solution. Choosing to build with SIPs panels provides numerous benefits.

How do we provide such a uniquely affordable and reliable construction solution?

Here are a few of the characteristics of our Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) system:

  • Excellent insulation – saving you money during both summer and winter months.
  • Minimal thermal transference – heat will not escape through the insulated wall panels or insulated roof panels to other parts of your home or outside.
  • Will not deteriorate – you can rely on our structural insulated panels for years to come.
  • High compressive strength – our product can sustain high loadings without compromising its structural integrity.
  • No temperature limit – our product withstands climate extremes and various heat systems.
  • No biological activity is caused or encouraged within the insulated roof panel or insulated wall panel – you can be assured that the SIP is safe for everyone.
  • Excedes requirements of the model building codes – our structural insulated panels are perfectly designed for home construction and insulating applications systems.
Two-story bay window construction with pre-cut insulated wall panels

J-Deck Inc.’s structural insulated panels are the smartest investment you can make for conserving resources, reducing labor time, and saving money on home and commercial energy costs. Our SIP system is the right choice for starting a new project or upgrading an existing site.  To learn why commercial and residential builders throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and beyond choose our SIPs system, contact J-Deck Inc. today!