If you’re looking for a cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally safe product, then J-Deck Inc.’s Structural Insulated Panels are what you need. Building with J-Deck Inc. saves you time in the construction stage and money once the building is complete.

  • Conserve Energy

Building a home with SIPS reduces air movements, thermal transference, noise, moisture, and disables dust and allergens from coming inside. An airtight home not only provides more comfort and durability but it also reduces energy costs up to 50%. (see more on our Product Benefits page)

  • Family Safety

J-Deck Inc. SIPs are high quality products to have in your home, meeting both Canadian and United States residential requirements and are sealed together using low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products that do not release chemicals effecting your air quality.

You can feel confident using J-Deck Inc. Structural Insulated Panels for your home. Our E3 Technology in every panel helps provide strength and you and can rely on the structural integrity for safe living for you and your family.

  • Green” Building Incentives

Home owners are also awarded with environmental tax credits and incentives of $1,000 and more that can be found at dsireusa.org. Owning a LEED Certified home is easily achieved with the assistance of J-Deck Inc. SIPs because our panels are highly rated and receive an entry level of certification just by themselves! Let your home be something to brag about by also adding an Energy Star approval to your home. With J-Deck Inc. SIPs, you’re ahead with the building envelope’s airtight efficiency which allows your home to get excellent scores with that such as HERS (Home Energy Rating System).

Three-story bay window construction made from insulated panels
Finished white house that was built with insulated wall and roof panels