SIP Panels in Nevada

Achieve Greener Building in the Nevada Desert with J-Deck Inc.’s Structural Insulated Panels for Home Builders and Contractors

Get smarter with home building by using J-Deck Inc.’s Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for your next project in Nevada. Make J-Deck Inc. your vendor for insulated building panels and you will learn why we are one of the top manufacturers in the Southwest for SIPS.

After trying our premium SIP panels for your first home building job, there will be two unexpected results: building your home only takes one-third of the time compared to stick framing, sheathing and insulation. Insulated panels also waste fewer man-hours than stick-framing and leaves no construction waste. The homeowner will get benefits of tight air seal throughout their home from the roof to the side walls and even flooring! This helps improve air efficiency and the air quality.

Solid construction is so important for the desert and semiarid climate regions found throughout the Nevada state. Our experience in the industry shows that SIP homes stand stronger, straighter and are more eco-friendly than stick-framed homes with batt insulation.

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How to Start Building with SIP Panels in Nevada

First, start a vendor relationship with J-Deck Inc. and contact us any time. Then, send us your exterior building plans. Our team will manufacture the SIPs and deliver them straight to your job site. We provide all the materials necessary to help you achieve that tight air seal with SIP fasteners and other adhesives.

The biggest change to residential home framing with SIPS is job completion times. The panels fit and fasten together quickly, allowing your crew to get right to the next home building phases. Improving job completion times affords your crew to do more projects in the calendar year. This means increased profitability potential for your contracting business.

How to Communicate Insulated Panel Benefits with Nevada’s Home Buyers

Structural panels offer superior insulating qualities. Your home buyers will truly be buying a greener home. Take a look at the following benefits:

  • Improved Air Efficiency – Buyers will notice a difference in air efficiency and reduced heating/cooling costs due to the airtight seal throughout the home. Buyers will also notice that their HVAC units have longer lives. With less air loss and thermal transference, the units will not overwork to provide heat and cooling to the space, a problem commonly found in stick-framed homes.
  • Improved Air Quality – Nevada’s dry climate often results in higher dust and airborne irritants. An SIP panel home will help minimize airborne particles, which improves indoor air quality.
  • LEED Credits, Certifications and Tax Breaks – Both the buyer and the contractor can benefit from LEED credits and certification. This provides added buyer trust for the contractor and leads to a potentially significant tax credit* for the buyer (up to $1,000). *varies state by state for qualifying criteria

Start a relationship with J-Deck Inc. with a free consultation today, and experience all the opportunities structural insulated panels afford Nevada contractors. SIPs will truly revolutionize your building standards and abilities.