Visit Our Booth at the 2017 CABEC Energy Oasis in Palm Springs

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J-Deck Inc. will have a SIP display and booth in this years 2017 Energy Oasis at the Palm Springs Convention Center! Set the date for October 12-14 and click to register and join us in the energy conference with discussions of California Title 24, receive Continuing Education Units, and learn about the future of energy efficiency. With 3 days of energy education, be here to learn about the various ways to reduce your energy consumption and meet with Net Zero contributing vendors!

To kick off the event, we are hosting a SIP tour on Thursday, October 12th from 9 AM to noon. Our doors will also be open for anyone wishing to tour the facility during the duration of the conference. Please register for this event at the CABEC Official Website and sign up for our tour! Hope to see you all there!

CABEC – Energy Oasis 2017

AIA California Desert Chapter Lunch and Learn with J-Deck Inc.

 Recently,  owner Chris Tefft, hosted our first AIA California Desert Chapter lunch and learn! The group had an opportunity to tour our manufacturing facility and learn how easy it is to incorporate Structural Insulated Panels into their work and designs. Ryan Tharp, of the Desert Chapter, took photos and recorded a great video to provide a small sample of what everyone who joined us got to see!

To view the video and see the J-Deck Inc/AIA Facebook page – please click the photo link on the left.

Mr. Tefft hopes to host more of these soon and we are open to additional tours/meetings anytime! We have a selection of presentations that are AIA certified or you can opt for one of our Net-Zero education experiences to learn how we can help you prepare for 2020 building codes. Please call us at (760)671-4234 to schedule a tour and learn how we can help you!

Residential Design with Structural Insulated Panels

Courtesy of SIPA and special thanks to Al Cobb of SIPs School: J-Deck Inc. allows architects the opportunity to obtain continuing education credits through our website! The now-available course provides 1 credit in “Residential Design with Structural Insulated Panels”. Simply log in, watch the video and take the quiz!

SIPA AIA Residential Design with Structural Insulated Panels Video

Click here to launch AIA course

“This course will explain the benefits of designing with structural insulated panels (SIPs) for residential applications. The designer will gain a better understanding of application, assembly and detailing in order to properly utilize SIPs for optimum energy efficiency and durability…”

-Course Description under The Continuing Architect

This class is also available at our manufacturing facility in Palm Springs, CA. Also offered, is a “Commercial Design with Structural Insulated Panels” which is an additional credit architects should take advantage of. Anyone eager to learn about SIPs have a lot of knowledge to gain from watching these presentations! Contact us for more information at (760)671-4231.

Jack Armstrong of SIPA tours J-Deck Inc. SIP Buildings

            Last month, Jack Armstrong (Executive Director of SIPA) visited our Structural Insulated Panel manufacturing plant in Palm Springs, California. Having been the first time at our headquarters, Jack was surprised to see our educational materials and in-house SIP buildings. Needless to say he gave us wonderful feedback on everything J-Deck Inc. has to offer, from home owner education to assisting architects. The positive reaction we receive when anyone witnesses what we’ve accomplished makes our efforts feel worth it. Efforts which show real life examples and our willingness to lead in educating others to further themselves in the industry. Currently, J-Deck Inc. is pending panel testing to officially join the SIPA code report and we look forward in joining Mr. Armstrong and the rest of the SIPA crew. Overall, a universal goal we share is raising the product knowledge base for SIPs in preparation for upcoming California Net-Zero building codes

           During this visit, Mr. Armstrong and Chris Tefft, J-Deck Inc. owner, had a moment to discuss the recent WISE (Workforce Instruction and Standard Efficiency) testing. Only California cities were used for this study which included our home base Palm Springs, as well as Riverside and Sacramento. With a side by side comparison to stick-frame homes, SIP envelopes were proven to perform significantly higher exceeding the current building code! This is a wonderful beginning for an upcoming future in energy efficient construction and SIPs are more than qualified to help lead the way towards a Net-Zero California.

J-Deck Inc Display SIPA
J-Deck Inc. SIP Model Displayed in Palm Springs, California

    J-Deck Inc. would like to thank Jack Armstrong again for taking the time to visit in between a busy schedule. The staff enjoyed everything you brought to the table in teaching more incentives for building with SIPs. We all look forward to building a SIP community in the Southern California area! Contact Us with any Structural Insulated Panel questions! Or call us at (760)671-4234 and schedule an appointment to tour our manufacturing plant today!


Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturer: Welcome to J-Deck Inc.

Thank you for spending the time reviewing our website. It’s been a big year for J-Deck Inc with the launch of our new website. We have also joined the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) SIPs manufacturer listing code report. J-Deck Inc. continues to be Southern California’s only OSB-EPS panel manufacturer.

Our new page has up to date product information and will be constantly growing, so please check again in the future for features on Nail Base(retrofit) and other accessories. At our J-Deck Inc. SIP manufacturing plant in Palm Springs, CA, we have constructed our own displays of SIP roof and wall panels and for further detailed, hands-on experience.

If you’re new to the SIPs industry, Structural Insulated Panels are an all-in-one component that encompasses the framing, sheathing and insulation for roofs, walls and floors. Our J-Deck Inc. SIPs are typically made using two structural skins of oriented strand board (OSB). Laminated in between them is expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation via a structural adhesive.

We look forward to your SIP inquiries and are excited to see a brighter future in Green building! Fill out our contact form or call at (760)671-4234 for us to accompany you on your next structural insulated panel project.

J-Deck Inc. SIPs Lamination in Palm Springs, CA
J-Deck Inc. SIP Lamination in Palm Springs, CA
Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) Demo House Installation. Palm Springs, CA
Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) Demo House Installation. Palm Springs, CA
J-Deck Inc. SIPs Lamination Process in Palm Springs, CA
J-Deck Inc. SIPs Lamination Process in Palm Springs, CA