Certified SIPs in Palm Springs

Use Our Structural Insulated Roof and Wall Panels to Create an Energy-Efficient Home in Palm Springs, CA

J-Deck Inc. is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, insulated wall and roof panels for homes and other buildings. Contractors can use them to create an airtight building shell, which saves money both during construction and for the life of the building. The exterior skins of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) are sealed with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation and are fused together with a structural adhesive. The composition is similar to compressed plywood, but with improved performance.

Contractors in Palm Springs can enjoy many other benefits with these energy-efficient wall and roof panels, such as:

  • Construction teams experience less downtime and can finish framing much faster with structural insulated panel (SIP) products than stick-framing
  • Insulated panels are pre-cut ahead of time at the manufacturing plant and are shipped to the construction site ready to install
  • Drywall and paint teams can get to work quicker, thereby increasing productivity and expediting your timeline
Half-moon stained glass being installed inside pre-cut insulated panels
Custom-cut insulated panel at SIP manufacturing facility in Palm Springs

There are many upgrades that also come with using energy-friendly products. When contractors and builders use certified SIP products, they gain LEED credits because the products alone boost the building construction status to entry level for LEED certification. It can increase the mere value of the building up to nine percent and generates energy savings between $200 and $400 on average.

Energy Star also recognizes insulated plywood panels as a leading solution to reducing energy consumption. These panels have such a tight fit that there is less air leakage and thermal transference and as a result, Energy Star grants up to $1,000 for any home or commercial property built with SIPs in Palm Springs.

J-Deck Inc. has a manufacturing facility in North Palm Springs and has celebrated this age-tested building technique for more than 35 years. We strive to make contractors’ job easier by fabricating SIP panels to your specific design, preparing them for shipping, and delivering them right to the job site. Take advantage of our certified, energy-efficient insulated wall and roofing panels for your next Palm Springs project! Get in touch with a J-Deck representative today!