Product Benefits

With over 3 decades in the SIP industry, J-Deck Inc. places emphasis on product design, quality and cost efficiency. The benefits of utilizing J-Deck Inc. Structural Insulated Panels and endless and we pride ourselves in manufacturing a green friendly product.

Thermal Transference

The J-Deck Inc. Structural Insulated Panel system prevents high volumes of air leakage from the structure. By cutting down on the amount of air escaping and entering the structure, commercial and residential building owners can save over 30% on costs relating to heating and cooling their properties every year.

With J-Deck Inc. SIPs, your structure will be more secure, as testing shows that up to 40% of heat loss is directly caused by air leakage due to poor insulation. Avoid having to incur additional heating and cooling cost, and do your part in conserving the environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed and decreasing the contribution to greenhouse gasses.

Thermal imaging comparison of a home with and without insulated panels
Tall slim tree trunks have fallen on the right side of a house


J-Deck Inc. Structural Insulated Panels are engineered to be sturdy, strong and durable structures, making them ideal for all residential and commercial buildings. Our SIPs are strong enough to be used as load bearing roofs, floors and walls and have obtained code approval to be used as such.

SIPs are able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and history has proven houses built with our system have been able to withstand some natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Homeowners building with our SIPs reduce their energy consumption by over 30% and the resale value often increases as a result of the growing “Green House” demand.

SIPs VS. Stick

SIPs provide a stronger structure than building with 2’x6’ lumber and fiberglass insulation. In comparison, SIPs also provide an airtight building envelope requiring smaller HVAC systems than traditional stick-framed homes.

The density of SIPs reduce noise, allowing for a quiet environment and give the homeowner more power over controlling the air quality inside the building.

With SIPs, construction waste is greatly reduced and even labor hours are cut up to 40%. Crew days are lessened and subcontractors are also capable of getting their duties completed much quicker thanks to SIPs being prefabricated in our plant.

Insulated roof soffit panels ready to support roof rafters

LEED Certification

LEED certification goes by a point scale with 4 various levels, all promoting Green Building along with minimizing waste and carbon footprints. SIPs provide the upper hand in green energy and with SIPs alone, a building will be at an entry LEED Certified level. Having your home certified not only raises the market price an approximate 9% but your annual energy savings from of SIPS decrease an average $200-$400.

Energy Star /Tax Credits

Energy Star has set the bar for energy efficiency for over 20 years and recognizes new as well as existing homes for reducing energy consumption. A SIP home can be recognized with ease for its efficiently in insulation and being an airtight building envelope allowing a comfortable living space. These Energy Star standards allow homeowners the benefit of additional tax credits up to $1,000(and more!) along with other financial incentives, a comprehensive list for any US region can be found at