Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for San Diego Contractors

Create Energy-Efficient Multi-Family and Commercial Properties in San Diego, CA with Our Insulated Building Panels

For their next project, residential and commercial contractors in San Diego can now request insulated building panels from J-Deck Inc., a manufacturer of structural insulated roof and wall panels (SIPs). Insulated plywood panels are thicker than standard building materials which help both with keeping moisture and air out. Our panels create airtight seals when fastened together, increasing the energy-efficiency of a building, whether it is a residential home, multi-family property or commercial building.

Why You Should Make the Switch to SIPs for Your Next San Diego, CA Project

Besides providing improved energy efficiency for your future residents or property users, there are many benefits insulated plywood panels can provide California contractors and their teams. When you work with SIPs, you have less downtime than with standard stick-framing, improving job completion times and keeping your employees busy around the clock.

Stick-frame work not only consumes your time but requires a larger variety of tools to complete. When choosing to work with J-Deck, all insulated panels are pre-cut in our manufacturing facility before the job starts. Meet with our team to see how simple it is to transpose complex designs, such as arches or custom entryways, into simple installations with our J-Deck Inc. SIPs. We also deliver all the products to you on-site when construction is ready to start.

San Diego Insulated Panels
Insulated Panels San Diego

How to Justify Cost of Materials to Property Buyers and Contracts

Our laminated OSB to EPS saves you money long-term. It prevents air leakage thus reducing the need for HVAC energy. When you have a commercial property manager or residential client, share the money-saving benefits of increased long-term efficiency with them granted by our insulated panels. SIPS allow you to:

  • Gain LEED credits and certification – which is a huge selling point to property buyers
  • Tax credits provide up to $1,000 towards the cost of the residential home/commercial property
  • Longer HVAC life – the units will not need to work as hard to heat/cool to combat air loss or thermal transference


J-Deck Inc. manufactures SIPs in North Palm Springs, California. We are here to help your contracting business gain competitive advantages with our energy-efficient products. If you would like more information on how our SIPs can help your San Diego business, request your free consultation with us! We would be more than happy to sit down with you and provide information on the insulated panel benefits for roofs and walls.